How to make best use of the site?

We would encourage all visitors to think of our site as a library, rich with written and audio-visual materials.  We’ve taken great time and care to compile these resources, most of which are original and bespoke.

Reach is an organisation built on many years of client experience and clinical research and we have carefully catalogued what we’ve produced in what we believe to be the most accessible format.

However we do recognise, given the depth and breadth of our work that navigating one’s way through the site can be quite daunting.

Hence our suggestion that you browse as if in a library – so work out what you’re looking for and need and let that guide you.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, then we would recommend exploring the Self-Care section of the site, or the model that best showcases our work, The Story of Health – both of these can be found on the Philosophy and Approach page.

These two categories are certainly good places to begin – as both not only offer a good insight into the nature of our work, they are also useful signposts to other areas worthy of exploration.

Our site is populated with new and original material on a regular basis.  So please make a habit of checking in to see what’s new and if you like what we’re doing then please share our messages with all those you think may benefit.

Thank you!!